Top 10 Dance Scenes in Comedies That Came Out Of Nowhere

Bombing Continues in Baghdad As Motorbike Bomb Kills 15

This article summarizes the current bombings in Iraq. Looks at the recent motorbike bomb that killed 15.

China’s Mercantilism and New Global Economic Order

China is successfully getting the world embedded in a mercantilist system of development by being such a large player with a strategic long term vision. Beijing is following a 21st century version of industrial path that Britain and Germany undertook during their rise. This allows Western world to economically outmaneuver China instead of being sidelined by it.

The Economy in Argentina and the Association With ALBA – The Nationalizing of Free Market Companies

Times are tough around the world, most nations are in recession, and some will perform better than others in recovery. Unfortunately, some may not recovery at all; dumping capitalism; nationalizing companies, and speeding forward to the dead end cliff. We are seeing a lot of this in South and Central America lately.

Indian SMEs Freeze on Iceland

Iceland’s mixed economy is characterised by a free market system, low inflation and well-developed infrastructural facilities. The country’s economy is largely export-driven and marine products form a bulk of exports from Iceland.

PAN Party Versus PRI in Mexico – This Could Get Interesting

It’s not unusual for Mexico to have political unrest. In fact, it is quite common in their culture. Mexicans love to tell the government how they feel, and they love to march in the streets and even cause riots when they think they are getting the raw end of the stick.

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