Top 10 Craziest Challenges MrBeast Has Done

Water, Peace, and the Middle East

In a recent New York Times Op-Ed, Stanley A. Weiss offers a grave perspective of the water situation in the Middle East. He writes that “the region is headed toward a water calamity that could overwhelm all efforts at peace.” Ominous words, but sadly, true.

AIFM – The Devil is in the Detail, Or Lack Thereof!

The AIFM Draft Directive is a flawed piece of legislation which unchecked, is going to create a great deal of difficulty and harm for the financial and investment industry across the EU. Killing two birds with one stone, it has already done much to cement general and expert opinion that the EU regulators simply do not know what they are doing.

Sweden Adds Backing to UK Call on AIFM Draft Directive

Lord Myners returned from his meeting with Swedish counterparts late last week with the support of the Swedes who assume the EU Presidency on July 1st. While this is good news for the hedge fund and alternative investment industry, there is still a great deal of work left to do to unravel the draconian and politically motivated piece of draft regulation. The French and Germans are on notice that there will be intensive lobbying efforts by the UK Government to ameliorate the proposed legislation, but is it simply the UK with it’s hedge fund stable which has the most to lose?

Conflict Diamonds and American Policy

The Clean Diamond Trade Act, as the bill in question is called, concerns rough diamonds being sold in African nations such as Sierra Leone, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This traffic in gems has unforeseen consequences lying beneath the surface of the rough diamonds.

UK Financial Regulators Become Pawns on Political Battleground

On Monday (June 20,2009), Shadow Chancellor George Osborne laid out Conservative proposals for the abolition of the FSA and an “end to the failed tri-partite system of regulation”. With a General Election being held by 2010 at the latest (and reports Prime Minister Brown is still considering calling an early election in 2009), the political landscape can alter completely, leaving existing regulators without their current political patrons.

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