Top 10 Characters In The Suicide Squad

India Seizes Pakistan Bound Arms Ship

A Pakistan bound ship alleged to be containing weapons has been seized by Indian authorities. Currently moored at Diamond Harbour Port, the Indian Navy and Coast Guard were contacted by the Kolkata Port Trust after it had been discovered the crew of the alleged ship, the M V Agean Glory, had not declared itself to be carrying explosives.

China’s Oil March in Africa Continues

We’ve seen recently the problems which can occur when large multinational conglomerate oil companies are not careful when drilling for oil. If you consider the BP oil spill or oil leak rather, and if you realize that the United States doesn’t stand for violations of safety regulations, and yet, this happened anyway. Imagine what happens in a Third World country with large oil companies that come to town. One has to ask if the Chinese move to secure mining, mineral, or oil assets in some of these third world nations, will cause human rights to suffer, and if the environment is in jeopardy.

Early Warning on Insurgency

Some believe that insurgency is a military problem while others believe that insurgency is the result of outside interference while some others believe that insurgency is caused by poverty. For this we need to understand the social, political and economic conditions that are exploited by vested interests.

The People in the Middle

This is a description of my recent visit to a community of displaced people who are living in the middle of the road in Carrefour, Haiti. This kind of experience has made me a misfit and does not allow me to enjoy certain luxuries here in the States. I am haunted by suffering.

Translation Award Launched by Turkish and German Governments

A new translation award has been created between two governments with the aim to promote literary translations between both countries. German Federal Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey hope that this new award will increase the numbers of literary translations from German to Turkish and Turkish to German. Although there are many other international translation awards, those awards are usually given by English speaking countries such as the USA and United Kingdom to promote literary translation into the English language.

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