Top 10 Celebs You Forgot Were Engaged But Never Got Married

The Prediction is WWIII Will Start After an Arab-Israeli Peace Treaty is Signed

I hope your a student of prophesy because, if you are, you should be closely watching for news on the new Arab/Israeli Peace talks that have just started… The Prediction is WW III will start after an Arab/Israeli Peace treaty is signed. I notice the formal talks have just been announced on the 23/08/2010 and Hilary Clinton was part of the announcement.

Ramadan Has Kicked Off

Ramadan, a very important Muslim holiday has already kicked off. It follows the Islamic calendar.

Earth’s Next Katrina – Are We Prepared for Solar Storm 2012?

Years ago, the Mayans had created calendars that stated the end of the world. Many thought such statements to be illusionary, but today scientists have discovered some similar facts stating these prophecies may be part of what we might face in the future years. It is believed that a solar storm due the ultraviolet rays of the sun is said to strike the Earth, however what is more important is what kinds of devastations could this bring us?

Easy But Impossible

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently characterized the likelihood of a resolution from upcoming U.S. force-fed peace talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as “difficult but possible.” He has it exactly backwards – it is easy but impossible.

Reliable Alternative Sources for International News

Conventionally we are used to catching up with international news through printed newspapers, the radio and of course the television. However, many people have started to doubt the credibility of the mass media and the search for reliable alternative sources of international news is on.

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