Top 10 Celebs Who Went Back to College After Getting Famous

Last Chance for Ruling Government in Pakistan

As a result of the increasing pressure from the International Monetary Fund which is one of the most magnificent donors known to provide funds to various countries to make their economies survive, the Pakistan Cabinet finally resigned recently. IMF or International Monetary Fund has been continuously pressurizing the PPP-led Pakistani government since long ago to downsize its cabinet size at the earliest so that the government expenses can be reduced considerably. Apart from the International Monetary Fund, there was an equally strong pressure and stress coming from the main opposition party, the PML (N), to cut short the size of…

Life Behind the Great Firewall of China

A look at life behind the Great Firewall of China. This article will look into common sites that are blocked by the Great Firewall, as well as some that aren’t that perhaps should be by Chinese Government standards.

2008 – Russia’s Legal and Political Climate

Political & Government: The Russian Federation has their capital located in Moscow, one of the world’s most corrupt cities. Although the chief of state is President Dimitri Medvevev many people believe that the real power lies with former president and head of government Premier Vladimir Putin. Presidential elections are held every four years and there is no VP.

Language Controversies in Pakistan and Their Future

Pakistan is going through hard times. One of the main issues of it is its linguistic controversies.

Should FedEx Expand to Russia? – 2008

Business Climate: Hill believes that one of the Chief globalization drivers in today’s world are decreased barriers. On critical way to break down barriers is to increase infrastructure. Today FedEx is less concerned with overseas shipping and more concerned with over land shipping.

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