Top 10 Celeb Reactions to Animated Parodies of Themselves

Obligations and Face in Lao Society

Kengchai and Bounkoun are the two most complex concepts in Lao language. Together with Face they form the moral and psychological landscape on which Lao social life is played out.

18 Day Revolution: How Egypt Became A Brand New Nation in Just 18 Days of Massive Protest

This uncommon story is a true reflection of the fact that your destiny is in your hands and you can decide to take it or leave it. A wise man said that nothing happens until someone makes it to happen. A few days ago, the people of Egypt really proved to the whole world that everything is at the state of rest until an equal or a higher force is applied to it. They proved that no human being is greater than a nation. So, they protested for 18 days and the result of that intensive and extensive massive agitation is the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

2008 – Russia’s Cultural and Socio-Economic Attributes

Cultural attributes: Russia has long history going back to the Mongol domination of the 12th century. By the 17th century the Russian kingdom had become quite expansionistic stretching across the continent all the way to the pacific, south into the Caucases and into Eastern Europe. Russia at its most powerful controlled the mighty Soviet Union and mush of central and Eastern Europe which fell behind the Iron Curtain.

I Ran Away from the Iranian Police – The Protestor Stated

In the blaze of less than the glory he’d hoped for Egypt’s President, some say dictator, has stepped down. Or was taken down by the military coup, with a good bit of support from the angry mob of protestors, those who rioted and said they’ve had enough + outside influences? Surely, we will get the whole truth in the future, but as it stands 30-years of rule in Egypt is over.

Does Social Media Set “New World Order” in Building Revolutions Throughout the Middle East?

Social media is playing a vital role to make change possible and give these young rebels a tool that it was unprecedented before having the ability to bring down dictators and set a new world order in social digital communications. In addition a special semantic analysis on social media trending covering the latest event in the Middle East and Egypt in particular. A brief Sentiment analysis report of Egypt’s uprising since it started six days ago on January 25, 2011…

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