Top 10 Cartoon Character Changes That Made Fans Rage Quit

Haiti – A Beautiful People Amidst Poverty and Now a Major Disaster

Haiti is a country whose poverty seems to be something that its people appear to take it in stride. I was there last month, and I found it unbelieveable as to how the majority of the population can live without the basic elements of life i.e., clean water, electricity and proper sanitation. Now you have a major disaster brought on by natural causes. The Haitians don’t deserve so much tragedy! Last month I was there to help a friend of mine with his cargo ship. Read this article, and find out how I saw the people and their country just weeks before this horrendous event.

The Spider-Man Franchise

The Spider-Man franchise from Marvel Comics has today become one of the largest comic superheroes of all time. With more than a thousand issues in print over the past seven years, there has never been a more competitive superhero after Wolverine and the X-Men series.

Suicide – Increasing Number of Suicide Cases

Since of late there have been an increasing number of suicide cases being reported throughout the day. Alarmingly, most of these cases are being reported to have been attempts and deaths done by the younger generation. This phenomenon has been seen widespread across the United States and over the world. It is shocking to see that the number of these cases have been increasing fourfold over a short period of time.

New Zealand – Six Occupations Delisted From LTSSL

The Department of Labour of New Zealand has removed six occupations from Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) effective from 26th November 2009. On the other hand, five new occupations have been included in the list in the biannual review of the LTSSL recently.

The True Story of the Earthquake in Haiti

Patrick Hein, one of the Mauritian working for the peace maintaining force of the UNO (United Nation Organization), is one of the survivors after the seism which made thousands of deaths in Haiti. It is the information announced by Radio One in Mauritius. Patrick Hein was miraculously saved by God.

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