Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2021 (So Far)

Human Rights And HIV AIDS

HIV is a virus that persists in being spread across the globe. As it does, the connection between human rights and HIV AIDS becomes increasingly apparent and diverse. The history of this connection dates back to the 1980s when people with HIV or AIDS were subject to discrimination in terms of international travel restrictions, employment and housing barriers, medical care and insurance, or access to educational opportunities.

Five Major Causes of Road Accidents in Nigeria

Accidents do occur everywhere around the world on a daily basis. These accidents are a result of several factors, which are both external and internal. In this article, I will be dwelling on the causes of road accidents on Nigerian roads.

World Hunger: Undernutrition Is a New Term for a Child’s Tragic Process of Starvation

There is a new term for being in a state of malnutrition from insufficient food. What about the starving children of the world? Is there a way that you can make a difference?

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Words fail to describe the devastation wreaked in Japan recently, The Japanese earthquake is unprecedented in its scale in recent history. To make matters worse the country was hit by a massive tsunami shortly afterwards which caused untold devastation and havoc. The tsunami was a massive tidal wave caused by the movement of the Earth’s crust and headed towards Japan not stopping when it hit the coast.

Do Libyan Rebels Want Democracy?

While the media have presented the Libyan rebels as freedom fighter who are fighting for democracy, few information have transpire of the identity and goals of the rebels. To understand the future of Libya, we need to look at who the rebels are.

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