Top 10 Best King Shark Moments

Information and Communications Technology in Ramallah

“It’s not about the addressable market today, it is about building a future for my 8 year old daughter,” says Mohammed A, a Ramallah-based consultant in information and communications technology. “The World Bank can provide a lot of great statistics about the state of telecommunications in Ramallah, but if my girl does not have the same access to eLearning and education as an Israeli girl, she won’t have a chance.”

Swine Flu? Oh Really!

We have put up with stories about swine flu for over six months and now the latest one is that the return to school of our children is going to trigger the renewal of the outbreak. As soon as the first new case is reported there will be renewed calls to close the schools, send the children home, isolate anyone suspected of having the disease and fill ourselves with vaccine at the first possible indication of symptoms.

Dirt Cookies

National policies should promote equal access to food for all so that children living in poverty can eat real food instead of mud! What are your solutions? The world wants to know.

Global “Tobin Tax” Raises Spectre of Imposed Profit and Bonus Cap on Financials

James Tobin was an economist who had his heyday in the 1970’s when the answer was to tax everything in sight, or perhaps better, tax it out of sight and don’t worry if the taxpayer relocates overseas beyond the jurisdiction. Economists ought to know better when they propose selective taxes; King, Kaye and Sandler repeatedly demonstrated repeatedly that selective taxes simply fiddle around with market valuations until a new equilibrium is reached based around the net numbers, or if the barrier is large enough, compels relocation as a rational economic decision.

New Volunteer Opportunities in Haiti

People interested in working with a nonprofit to help Haitians resurrect their communities and build a brighter future have a new volunteer opportunity. For example, the nonprofit seeking volunteers and donations for creating a solar-powered center for satellite Internet access and computer use and learning.

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