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Syria Is Seriously Not Serving Their Citizens

What the heck is going on in Syria, how can something labeled the Arab Spring become a perennial protest and chaos driven civil war? The number of people who have been killed in Syria is a scary proposition. And unfortunately the bloodshed isn’t over despite the promises of the Assad government in Syria.

Summer of 2011 – What Did We Really Learn?

Well, the Arab Spring throughout the Middle East and North Africa was quite the to-do. Many people lost their lives protesting against their governments, and some of the rogue regimes which occupy the various nations in those regions. However, the Arab Spring which was meant to bring democracy and overthrow iron-fisted ruled governments quickly turned into the Arab Summer, Arab Fall, and now the Arab Winter.

Is the EuroZone Experiment Over – Did It Fail Due to Socialism?

Europe’s debt crisis is real, and it’s much bigger than the leadership there would like to admit in public, but really there is no denying the reality of what is going on. And it’s not just with the PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain either. You can easily add France to the mix, even though its economy appears to be functioning and viable with some austerity measures to limit the financial challenges that socialism has brought forth in that country.

If Sanctions Aren’t Working With The Iran Nuclear Weapons Program – Why More of the Same?

Okay so, I hope you can remind me what the definition of insanity is; “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” And with that said, doesn’t it seem insane to levy more sanctions on Iran to get them to stop their nuclear weapons program? Obviously they have no intention of doing so, and they’ve been sticking their middle finger at the international community for a good many years now on this whole issue.

We Need That Iraqi Oil Flowing – It’s Happening Albeit Not Fast Enough

The Iraq oil flow is not what it should be, and yet, who is to blame for all that? Well, it’s safe to say that the new provincial government cannot get’s affairs in order, and there is a bit of sectarian struggle from within. Then there is the Kurds to the North, and even if they for the most part keep to themselves, there are factions within who are constantly at odds within Turkey, and that certainly isn’t helping their cause or ours – our need for oil flow that is.

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