Top 10 Best 90s TV Theme Songs

India – Growing in Information Technology, Healthcare and Real Estate Sector

Leading information technology companies in India are meanwhile increasing their presence in North America, in step with the improving business climate in the region. Top-tier information technology companies which are increasing their delivery capabilities in North America, include HCL Technologies which concluded acquisition.

GCC to Perk Up on Low Realty Cost

In a recent report by AT Kearney, a leading global management consulting firm stated Dubai’s capacity to “rebound fast should not be underestimated, with low real estate prices at offer now”. It further adds that apart from the UAE, the other Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) members would also be back on track by attracting foreign investors on similar grounds.

Terrorism and Drug Trafficking in Afghanistan

Afghanistan was the world largest producer of opiates. While throughout the war against illicit crops communists had continued to develop in areas controlled by Moujaidines. When soviets were prepared to withdraw from Afghanistan the Afghan resistance was linked to opium production and trafficking of heroin.

Consider Remittance Trends Before You Transfer Money to El Salvador

If you need to transfer money to El Salvador to help take care of family, you probably want to do it soon. However, reading about some of the recent patterns of remittances to the area may allow you to know what is going on with money transfers in relation El Salvador.

Fading Memories of Vendetta and Resolve to Coexist Transform Rwanda

Rwanda has become a model to many countries of endless conflicts to perceive the significance of reconciliation and co-existence. The former US President, Bill Clinton’s proposal does not become rhetoric while he said that Israel and Palestine should learn from Rwanda’s post-genocide reconciliation model.

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