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Problems of the Third World Countries

Every day we hear issues regarding third world countries whether they pertain to necessities of life or population growth. Read the major problems faced by the third world countries…

Social Issues on the Congo

Coming to terms with the conflict taking more than 5 million., Dan Balluff realized his calling was to try and save the barely remembered country. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been fighting war and other social issues.

Buchenwald Concentration Camp Report Surfaces

The expression “freedom isn’t free” means a lot to me. The sacrifices service men and women have made (and continue to make) in service of their country are worthy of recognition to the extent that they are helping to protect the rights and way of life of people they’ve never met. In short, I “support the troops.”

Is it Safe For Americans to Travel to Iraq Today?

No one will ever forget where he or she was when first witnessing the image of two planes crashing into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Since that tragic day, and the beginning of this war, too many lives have been taken. David Bowie sings it clearly in his song “I’m Afraid of Americans,” saying that his fear cannot be helped, and in the mean time he will not pretend. Other than the distaste of glam rock stars of the 1970s and the French, are Americans safe to travel to foreign lands, such as Iraq? Even with homeland security working over time?

Is China Going to Be Bogged Down With Its Client Nation-State Financial Aid Promises?

China needs resources to grow, and if it cannot get them, it’s growth cannot continue at this insane pace. One thing that seems self-evident is that every time the US ends up with an enemy, China runs over to make a friend, which is kind of unfortunate considering that the United States realize that the Chinese are our largest trading partner. Out trade deficit with this growing nation is astronomical and if that money does not flow back into the US, but rather to our enemies in the form of aid, and trade, we lose out.

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