Top 10 Anime That Went Out With A Bang

Cultural Impact Of Tourism On The Kenyan People

Tourism has played a great role in improving the economy of Kenya and the local people as well. It is the largest foreign income earner followed by agriculture. In development, many hotels of high standard, swimming pools and roads have been built.

Egyptian Protestors Fully Intend to Take Down the Mubarak Government

What started out as just another defiant act of some student Internet Bloggers (apparently) has now escalated into more than just blowing off a little steam. It now seems that there has been 30-years of pent up energy, and things have come to a head, and the Mubarak government now realizes it’s time for them to step down. Yes, this looks like a much larger event than originally anticipated, so let’s discuss this.

Egyptian Protests and United States

Starting a chain reaction via Egypt may backfire on Washington as the dollar and US treasuries are not outcompeting the eurozone and gold. Investor capital and revolutionary fervor may not flow where desired.

Changes in Crude Oil Pricing – Post World War II Scenario

Many won’t even believe today that volatility and crude oil prices were not synonyms some 60 years back. In fact between the periods immediately after the Second World War and till end of 1960s, crude oil only ranged between $ 2.5 and $ 3.0 per barrel. The prices were very stable and one could bank upon them while budgeting for this commodity. However we all have witnessed a very different story in the near past.

Will the New Egyptian Government Survive the Transition – It Might

The other day I was speaking with an Internationally Known blogger in London about the Egyptian riots, and protests, and how it was coming to an end and how things needed to move forward to be fair for all concerned. My acquaintance and I surely were sending forth the verbal debating points, and then he jokingly stated; “Clearly I am too much of a dunce to see much beyond the options of elected representation or a dictatorship.” Well, I guess in designing a transitional government team and modifying things for the operations of the government and its constitution…

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