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US Debates on Health Care As Seen by the Chinese

When the US has a national discussion or a series of debates, the rest of the world watches; why? Simple, we dominate the World Media. Everyone knows what we are talking about; so, what do they think about this in the rest of the world?

Should China Promise Its Citizens Free Education, Health Care, and Pension

The Chinese People are starting to wake up and question their government, and they are using the Internet and seeing what else people in other countries have. They want things too, and they are making these desires well known. But if you think the United States has a tough time trying to appease the masses and pay for health care, social security, and other things just think if we had a population the size of China; 1.3 Billion stated, who knows the actual number.

Middle Class Goals in China – Retire in a Small Resort Community?

How different are the Chinese Middle Class with their dreams and ambitions compared with other first world nations? Not much say some. In fact, some suggest that the goal of most middle class Chinese is to retire early and wealthy to an isolated community in a resort like setting.

World AIDS Day – Stop AIDS – Keep the Promise

Today, it is a globally accepted fact that the keys to the prevention of HIV/AIDS not only depends on advanced treatment and care but equally on spreading improved awareness on the disease, dispel the myths surrounding it, stringent laws for the removal of discrimination and social stigmas that make some groups more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, and coordinated efforts and sharing of knowledge. And to reiterate this commitment, the World AIDS Day is observed every year on December 1.

Is Taiwan’s Safety Guaranteed by the USA?

Many in China wish to see the re-unification of Taiwan, and most in the upper echelon of power believe that Taiwan is rightfully part of China and should be a province of Mainland China. Some university researchers believe that Taiwan is safe for now because of her military deals with the United States and say; “Taiwan, can conduct such a life because her safety is guaranteed by the US.” To this point I would say that Taiwan’s safety, just like China’s safety is guaranteed by the world, just like the US’s safety is guaranteed by the world.

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