Top 10 Animated Movies of Each Year (1990-1999)

The US and the UK – Two Nations Divided by a Common Language

You know, they say that the UK and the US are two nations divided by a common language. And that is absolutely true. Words in the US mean different things than words in the UK and vice-versa.

Keeping Up With International News

The world continues to be interconnected as a result of the increasing reliance of nations upon each other. No one can discount the importance of staying aware of what is going on in their region and beyond. Events seem to have a domino effect and something that affects a far off country may have a significant impact on the entire world.

The Unpredictable Fate of the Kashmiris – When Does It End?

The turmoil in Kashmir continues while the protests are further instigated because of the disrespect shown to the sacred books of Muslims is really creating a devastating situation in the Indian bound Kashmir. The violence in Kashmir has escalated and has made the government plan new strategies to control it in the best way possible. Although, Kahsmir has been an issue since the partition of Pakistan and India, but it is in face since 1989 Kashmiri’s have been gravely suffering and waiting for the moment that they will be free from curfews and restrictions and will get a chance to live and enjoy life just as everyone does.

Fear Fanatics

It is well known that until a person is confident through intelligent personal confirmation of any belief they cling more intensely to familiar doctrines and are inclined to ‘go to war’ with those who think otherwise. This also applies to spiritual beliefs. We are more likely to peacefully pursue our spiritual objectives to inject the principles into our own lives and allow others to do likewise when we are confident. On the other hand, fanatics are different and dangerous.

How Allama Iqbal Led the Decisive Reformation of the Oppressed Muslims

Although in the times of the British, the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent were ruined in every possible meaning and aspect of the word. However, there is one thing that confirmed the good fate and fortune of the Muslims vividly. The Indian Muslims were privileged enough to have a genius called Iqbal among them.

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