Top 10 America’s Next Top Model Photoshoot Fails

Global Market is Fluctuating Due to Economic Instability

As we move into 2009, we remain cautious as we expect growth to slow down further and earnings to disappoint as slowing external demand feeds through to export-intensive Asia. Of the two, earnings disappointment poses the greatest risk. Although there have been a raft of revision downgrades in the year to date, consensus expectations are still far too optimistic and we would not be surprised to see a further leg down – particularly towards manufacturing companies as high input costs squeeze margins and as sluggish sales bite. Corporate earnings growth could very likely turn negative.

Social Significance of Chinese New Year Symbols

The Chinese culture has a lot to do with the phenomenon of symbolism. The occasion of Chinese New Year is one of the numerous aspects of the Chinese culture that is involved in the process of symbolism.

Thank You

I know a lot has been written about Cory Aquino. She was fondly called “Tita Cory” (Aunt Cory) by a lot of Filipinos. I guess it’s because she was looked at as that – a good aunt. She has gone through a lot; weathered a lot of storms in her life.

Collective Identity in the United States

Collective Identity includes a most complicated feature of American Identity. As the settlers of America have come from different parts of the world, finding a way to give them a sense of collectivity needs innovation.

Vrindavan – The Sad Plight of Widows in India

“The City of Widows”, Vrindavan, in Uttar Pradesh, India, has become home to many upper-caste Hindu widows, disowned by their families. These widows who have been “thrown away” subsist in horrible conditions despite the government’s efforts, and aid organizations attempts to assist.

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