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Iranian Elite Cannot Get an Economic Break These Days

Due to high inflation many wealthy Iranians went into real estate, but now in Tehran there is a new problem, one that makes the current state of the economy seem like no big deal. Now, some believe that the supreme leader is working to take everyone’s mind off what is going on in the World Media with the nuclear weapons deliberations and diplomacy talks, and put folks in fear of something very scary instead. According to the Telegraph in the UK in an article on November 2, 2009 titled; “Iranian capital to be moved from Teheran due to earthquake…

Anti-American Sentiment in the World Media – It’s Just Wrong

It is amazing how some of the anti-American propaganda in the world media is constantly trying to knock the United States off its pedestal. The United States is the world’s only superpower presently, and really there are no nations even close when it comes to economic GDP, and that also goes for the state of our economy in this current recession. We are still miles ahead of the next nearest nation.

No Way to Peace, But Peace is the Way

A peace movement, obviously, is a group of persons that seeks to discern concrete problems confronting its society and which they can resolve in a nonviolent way. This myriad of problems differs from country to country and linked to culture, population, urban or rural environment and that is why it is necessary to study nonviolence, its philosophy and religious dimension for the purpose of training on the strategy and tactics of solving them.

Schooling Rights in Ethiopia

There is no denying the fact that the indispensable rights of the offspring of Ethiopia necessitate to be reinforced by UN charter, which envisages that a child should be protected in an appropriate manner. The hierarchical rights are being ignored every times as they are found homeless, hearth less and begging from door to door and underprivileged from the right of some how survival on earth.

Live in Mexico City – Might Be Time to Get Out

Mexico City is one of the most densely packed cities in the world, and it is also one under the greatest stresses for resources, power, and water too. Due to its geography, the pollution is also a huge problem, as the high mountains trap in the smog. But that is not the only unhealthy problem, there is also polluted water supplies, which are also dwindling, thus, the concentration per volume is way up.

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