Top 10 Actors Who Asked For More Money And Were Shown the Door

Parthenon Saga, 2009

Greece’s newly opened Acropolis Museum is certainly a wondrous spectacle on a wondrous landmark. However, the new museum is just as much a political turn in a giant chess battle to return historically significant fragments of the Parthenon’s frieze back to the rightful and original owners.

Introduction to the Rivalry Between Leon and Granada, Nicaragua

You may have heard about the rivalry between Leon and Granada. So what’s the beef? When did this start and what is it all about? It turns out that this one goes way back to the very origins of colonial Central America and continues up to the current day.

North Korea Ramps Up Boisterous Threats of Nuclear War – Typical Dictator Syndrome

North Korea is ramping up its political rhetoric and threats of nuclear war. The United Nations and the United States of America, along with all the nations in the six party talks have warned North Korea that we will not put up with their nuclear weapons program and new industry to sell nuclear weapons to rogue nations. North Korea has challenged the U.S., and said that if the United States Navy boards one of its ships or blocks it, or sinks it, N. Korea has said it will launch an attack on South Korea.

Global Hunger Revelations

On Friday the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (“FAO”) threw a large and much needed bucket of ice-cold water straight into my face with the release of an incredibly surprising and disturbing report on world hunger. For the first time ever the world’s hungry exceeded one billion people or 15% of our planet’s population. A very sobering and chilling piece of news!

Is There a Global Water Shortage?

The world is placing more emphasis on the current condition of water supplies across the globe. Most nations are guilty of implementing poor water management and conservation techniques, leading to shortages of this critical resource in a number of locations worldwide.

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