Top 10 Action Scenes in Disney Movies

Where is Turkey Headed?

Turkey has the region seriously concerned in light of recent talks with Syria. The border between the two countries has recently been opened to all traffic, raising worries of extremist influence entering Turkey from its radical neighbor. The situation became even more worrisome when Syria announced a joint military drill, a move that has Israel in a complex situation as a supplier of military technology to Turkey.

India’s Independence Day

The fifteenth of August is a Red-Letter day in our calender because it is the one of the most important dates in the history of our country. It was on this day, forty years ago, that India became what it is today, that is, a free and independent country, which is ruled by our own people and not by the people from other countries.

EU Firms Escape to Bulgaria – WHY?

Bulgaria is attracting firms from all over Europe. Keen to relocate in an EU country unaffected by high running costs, high property prices, high fuel costs etc. The real estate business in Bulgaria is flourishing by each passing day. The reason for the influx of foreign investment in property in Bulgaria is the affordable prices of land in this part of Europe. At this point of time, it is very logical and practical to invest here. Foreign and local investment is strengthening the economy of Bulgaria,while a large number of business investors are being attracted by the cheap land. The government is putting in a lot of efforts to raise the standard of tourism in Bulgaria and a good portion of foreign investment has been spent in raising the level of tourism, which has resulted in the fast development of tourism in Bulgaria.

Maya Calendar and Resurrection of 2012

And now the core of this article which mentions the end of Calendar 2012. Here’s the explanation that I can conclude that all of you understand.

The Likely Growth of India’s IT Industry

India has been experiencing a boom in information technology since the late 1990’s, making IT a significant industry in the country. However, this growth in information technology is not a fluke; India’s government has actively promoted the IT boom by investing in education and product development, and in structuring tax incentives to benefit those companies which have embraced IT as an industry.

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