Top 10 2000s Celeb Couples We Totally Forgot About

Nuclear Weapons in Iran, North Korea, and Who Knows Where Next

We have an unfortunate challenge when it comes to military intervention in Iran and North Korea to stop their nuclear weapons development, namely that Americans do not have a clue as to the long-reaching ramifications in all of this, and due to the fact that most Americans simply do not know a whole lot about the enrichment process. You see, not long ago, there was an article in the news about how Iran had reached 20% enrichment on a good chunk of their uranium, and this is the point it can be used as nuclear fuel, or enriched more…

Islam and the Regressive Back Tracking of Freedom for Women Debated

Over the years, many of us have read books on Islam, life in Islamic Countries, and living under Islamic Law, Sharia Law, and what life is like in various sects of the Muslim Religion. We, as Americans have also learned a lot, some more than they had cared too about the culture which is so foreign to them. Our military, diplomats, and corporations have also been widely involved with Islamic Nations in trade, mostly due to our oil purchases.

So How Is Democracy and Constitutional Freedom Doing in the World – Nicaragua Election

It seems sometimes it takes generations of game playing to bring democracy or a free Republic government to a war torn nation-state, and then in a blink of an eye, it’s all gone again, such are the scattered stories throughout the annals of human history, but why I ask? Why is this so common and why is it that when a corrupt regime does fall that those re-entrusted to take the helm turn out to me no better, sometimes worse. All the blood, sweat, and tears for not.

Greeks Learn From Babe Ruth – Big Papi Plays Hardball With the EU

Things looked so rosy…for almost a whole day. Last Thursday Big Papi, no not the Red Sox slugger but George Papandreou the Prime Minister of Greece, is playing hardball, but finally agreed to a deal with the European Union sending stocks soaring worldwide. And in keeping in good fashion with this Bipolar market, Papi triggered an upheaval yesterday by backing away from the deal so as to hold a referendum with his parliament on the rescue package.

China’s Space Station Bungalow – No Toilet and a Little Cramped

The international space station is longer than an Airbus A380 and weighs nearly half a million pounds, yes it is a rather impressive technological feat for humankind. Of course, not to be outdone the Chinese are now trying their hand at this game of orbiting space stations. They are putting up their own version of our ISS.

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