Thieves’ Cant: The Secret Language Used By Criminals For Centuries

Britain Notifies Libya Not to Commemorate Lockerbie Bomber Anniversary

The English government insisted on Libya on Friday not to party the anniversary of the crooked Lockerbie bomber’s release, uttering it would be “offensive and deeply insensitive to the victims’ families.” The report from the British Foreign Office came precisely a year after Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi was free from a Scottish prison on humanitarian basis with doctors saying he had terminal cancer and just three months to live. Al Megrahi was applauded when he arrived back home in Tripoli a year back.

The World Collage – A New Understanding of Community

What was once just a big blue marble, is now, in my mind, a World Collage…a smattering of this and that from across the globe, that is, in every sense of the word, my community. I have chatted online with them, I have prayed with them, and I have even taken a walk down their street in Google® street view maps. Oh how the world has changed!

The Road From Colonialism to Independence

Independence. The very thought that comes to mind when one hears it or reads about it is freedom. Although independence is truly beneficial for any country as it can choose whomsoever to decide the country’s fate, along with the benefit of being sovereign, there comes the responsibility also.

The “Shanzai” Culture in China

In recent years, Shanzhai has become quite an interesting and a new controversial word, which is completely different from its original meaning in Chinese. Chinese word “Shanzai” is now used to describe products that have names similar to famous brands lack of independent innovation in the market, imitating the other brands, especially the famous ones to achieve low-cost self product.

Civil Society Organizations – From Acknowledgement to Devolvement, the Path to Effective Networking

It is noted that in the 1970s and 1980s, notorious east European intellectuals coined the concepts of civil society and voluntarism as they sought means to frame peaceful grassroots dynamics to create a “parallel polis” and limit the scope of communist power by and large. After the lost decades of developments, the 1980s became the decade of “rectification,” in some ways, echoing Soviet perestroika leading to the collapse of East European radical communism.

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