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Radicals Destroying Muslim Cultural Heritage in Timbuktu

Misguided Muslim hardliners are not only attacking worship places of other religions especially of Christianity but they also find many things to destroy in their own homes. Saints and Sufi’s enjoy a special place in Muslim culture and are usually regarded as the ones who struggled for propagation of Islam in diversified regions.

The Coming Revolution

We are on the cusp of a worldwide technological revolution that will happen in your lifetime. It is one that will shake the foundations of society as we know it. In fact, it has, without much notice, already begun. And its name is 3D Printing.

The Positive Future of US and Egyptian International Diplomacy Considered

In the first world we believe that respect must be earned, but we duly grant tolerance to all religions and ways of life, up to a point of course. For instance, we cannot tolerate violence or terrorist attacks in the name of someone else’s religion upon the free people of the world. Nor should we ever expect too. Those who engage in such will not be tolerated, nor should they be respected.

International Affairs Topics and Some Philosophy On That

Not long ago, I was having a rather interesting discussion with an acquaintance about international affairs, US Diplomacy, and some of the mistake I thought we had made along the way. You see, I am rather for a “tough love” approach, speak softly and swing the stick only when needed. Battleship or perhaps aircraft carrier diplomacy in the present period, well that all suits me fine because we are a super power, the world’s only and sometime you just have to take charge.

Arab Spring Becoming Arab Fall

While America watched the Arab nations rebel against their governments this spring, many believed we may have been witnessing an overthrow of dictatorial government, and waited for the democracies to take hold. Now they have, and they hate America. Arab Fall is now upon us, and it is looking like an early winter.

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