The Remains Of Caligula’s Secret ‘Pleasure Boat’ Were Found In NYC

Religious Cover-Up and Paedophilia

Paedophilia, murder, cover up and corruption have grown under the heading of religious tolerance. While most are brain-washed into believing that religion is right and proper and that it is not to be denied there is a case to force a change in this type of thinking.

Eulogy for Mass Media

After a recent talk, I realized nobody ever wrote a Eulogy for Mass Media. I thought I would do the honors. This article looks at the death of mass media and the implications for security and governance.

Why Is The US Avoiding the China Territorial Ocean Disputes With Japan?

The United States is allied with Japan and also with China as our preferred trading partner. We have military bases in Japan and have since WWII. We’ve also been involved saving China’s butt from the Japanese, and later had the Chinese aiding our enemies against us. We’ve obviously had it out with the Japanese in WWII, and that just wasn’t very funny. Today, we are all trading partners. So, why aren’t we all working together to resolve the issues of ocean territorial disputes between Japan and the Chinese?

Is All News Coverage of the War in Syria Biased?

Is it possible to find unbiased news about the war in Syria? This article looks at the difficulties involved in getting to the truth.

Will Printing Money Do It?

As recession deepens in the euro zone and US growth remains tepid, western central bankers have in effect announced their intention to print money as long as it takes for growth to return. The critics of this Keynesian solution are seeing red. Republicans fret that jump-starting job creation, as US Fed chairman Ben Bernanke proposes to do, could improve the re-election prospects for Barack Obama. Head of German Bundesbank considers it a devilish policy that would burn Germany along with the euro zone in the fire of inflation…

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