The Power of Time

The 2009 Tsunami Warning For Hawaii and California – Get Prepared Now

Tsunamis are terrifying events created by mother nature, and have the power to take the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. Recent earthquakes have caused more tsunamis, leading officials to start giving out heads up warnings about the possibilities of tsunamis near the United States.

Dangerous Freedom

Education, which is the right of all citizens, has become the status symbol of the rich and the wealthy. In Nigeria, almost everything is in comatose – road network, electricity, water, etc and the government is either not doing enough or is not perturbed, at all.

Consumer Electronics – New FDI Destination

Indian Consumer Electronics segment is in a transitional phase now. It is shifting from its icon of luxury and status symbol of the elite to a major contributor to the Indian economy. Many big foreign players are investing in India and establishing their manufacturing units to tap the Indian as well as global consumer durables market.

Political Parties Funding Recent History

Parties seek more money from the taxpayer but there will always be tight constraints on this source of funding. The obvious source of big money is rich donors and corporations. But such donors are not usually motivated by generosity.

Bribery of Foreign Officials

In the past the extent of bribery by companies from Western Europe and North America of foreign officials for contracts has been a matter of pure speculation. Little or no empirical evidence was available. But, over the last year or so that has begun to change. In that period we have seen the emergence of evidence from variety of sources that gives some hint of the sheer scale of the bribery by companies headquartered in countries in the region.

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