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Real Asian News

Having worked in the publishing industry for some time, I became acutely aware of the shortage of genuinely Asian content, written from an Asian perspective on stories that may not make the front pages on most major international publications. It’s not that there was a lack of coverage, it’s just that living in Asia, you’d seldom get the feeling that what was being reported in large newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, while accurate, was reflective of the concerns and priorities of the populace.

Brussels Reveals Budget Increase For Research

European Union announced to increase budget for scientific research and innovation next year. The programme is aimed at creating more jobs and developing “a more competitive and greener Europe”, the European Commission says.

Robots Will Continue to Be the Focus of British Space Effort For Foreseeable Future

Despite a successful commercial space telecoms, technologies and explorations sector, the UK Space Agency is unwavering over its policy on human space exploration. This short articles looks into the issue.

Attacking Iran – Is There an Option?

In the next few weeks Russia will install nuclear fuel rods in Iran’s nuclear reactor, thus making it environmentally dangerous to destroy. Can Israel and the world afford to let Iran generate the plutonium they need to make nuclear weapons?

UK Grade Inflation – Have A-Level Exams Become Easier?

Thousands of students across the UK will find out their all important A-level results tomorrow as newspapers report record levels of competition for the most sought after university places. Since the 1980s, when league tables were first introduced by the Thatcher government, A-level grades have improved year-on-year causing some critics to claim that exams are being “dumbed down” as schools place pressure on exam boards to make exams less difficult. This article reviews the case for grade inflation, explains its possible causes and examines how a new percentile scoring system could solve these problems.

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