The Heartbreaking Life of Val Kilmer

Gillard Increases Efforts For Education

For a lot of people wishing to move into Australia, education would be one of the biggest factors that have affected their decision to go. Indeed, Australian education has long been considered as one of the best in the world today. This is why countless of people arrive in the country each year to enroll in the schools here.

South Africa’s Space Programme Emerges From the Void

Many South Africans would be surprised to learn that South Africa has a space programme. Somehow this rather significant fact has managed to slip beneath the general news radar; although, as matters are still rather chaotic, perhaps that’s the way it was intended. South Africa has, by all accounts, kept a tenuous toe-hold in the development of astronautical technology since the beginning of the space race.

Saraiki Waseb Problems, Problems of South Punjab

Saraiki Waseb/wasaib consists of three divisions including Bhakar and Mianwali. The common language of this entire region is Saraiki or Seraiki or Multani.

Seasonal Workers – A Guide to New Zealand Population Figures

This guide could be useful to seasonal workers, particularly RSE Pacific migrant workers, to learn some basic facts about New Zealand’s population figures. As at 30 June, 2009, the total population in New Zealand was 4,315, 800. The population is projected to increase by 10% from 4,315,800 to 4,744,600 in 2019.

African Tale – With a Happy Ending

Technological advancement has enabled Africans to continue telling Africa’s true story to the world. The business friendly Africa. The high-yield-potential Africa. The golden tropical beaches. Millions of college graduates. Yes, the Africa beyond the kid with a swarm of flies on his face that the western media have been peddling for the last 50 years.

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