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Kenyan Cultures

Kenya is a home for very many different people who have different cultural and ethnic believes. There are over forty tribes in Kenya. These form over seventy sub groups which have different tongues and cultural practises.

The Weather Patterns in Kenya

Kenya has an almost stable climatic condition all year round. Though due to global warming the conditions are changing, it is a country that receives fair weather all year round.

The Kikuyu

This is the largest community in Kenya. They are located in the central part of the country around the Mt. Kenya region.

Sweet Crude Oil

What is light sweet crude oil? You can discover the answer to this question when you read the content of this article. It talks about all about light sweet crude oil.

The Changing Times of the African Woman

‘A woman’s place is the kitchen’. This went without saying. Until recently, it was a taboo to find a woman working anywhere else but in the home taking care of her family. Even going to school for the girl child was unheard of. The first families to take there daughters to school were looked down upon and the girls sometimes did not find anyone to marry them.

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