The Best Track From Every Mario Kart Game

China Appoints a Minister of Propaganda – The US Already Has A Better One

Well, I love the United States, and I surely love what we stand for even if we don’t always completely live up to those high ideals that we proclaim. I love the freedom, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness even if I realize there are many barriers in my way to fulfilling those wonderful rights. Yes, the United States could do better, but luckily we are doing better than most.

Middle East Shadowboxing

Hamas was acting as Iran’s proxy in its recent fight with Israel. It did nothing to advance the Palestinian cause.

Two Terrorist Organizations – How Hamas and Hezbollah Maintain Their Public Support

Are some terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah really social organizations bound by hatred? I would submit to you that this is the case. From Lebanon, Hezbollah started a war with Israel, when Israel retaliated, Hezbollah became a construction organization and rebuilt people’s homes, built mosques and schools. They even gave hundred dollar bills to anyone whose home was destroyed during the fighting. No matter that Hezbollah started the war by shooting missiles into Israel, often using private property, schools, and even hospitals to launch their weapons from.

How Do You Pronounce ‘Xi Jinping’, the Name of China’s Next Premier?

It looks almost certain that Xi Jinping will become the next Premier (president) of the People’s Republic of China. But how do you pronounce his name? Read on to find out how to say this tricky name.

The Modern Maritime Piracy and the Legal Action Against It

The global community is confronting with this critical issue of maritime piracy for centuries. The pirates are no longer looking for gold and treasures. Piracy in the last decades targeted ships holding goods or oil, and in many cases the ship passengers have been taken hostage for large ransoms.

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