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Division of and Procedures for International Trade, Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments

Vital steps are taken when processing an international trade. Considering import trade, export trade and entreport, balance of trade and balance of payments are also essential elements in making an international trade successful. There are lots of technicalities when processing an international trade, but here are the simple basics just to have an idea that foreign trade is not just about buying from another country or selling to them.

Economic Significance of International Trade

International trade is also known as foreign trade or external trade which involves the exchange of goods and services between two or more countries. The principle underlying the buying and selling between one country and another is specialization. The main significance of international trade is the establishment of unity and better interaction between countries and global regions and hence making the world more and more of a global village.

Open Your Eyes to Both Sides of International Trade

Just as international trade is seen as boosting both parties needs and economy and as well strengthening ties between regions of the world, it could have some disadvantages. And as a rule its good you look at both sides of a situation before you venture into it. So what do we have to know about these two sides of foreign trade?

The 2010 Human Development Report: Where Does South Africa Fit In?

As I was reading through the 2010 Human Development Report released last Friday by the United Nations Development Program, I was disheartened to see that South Africa had dropped in the report’s rankings. In the report’s human development index, which ranks the world’s countries according to national income, life expectancy, and literacy, South Africa this year ranked 110 out of 169 countries, down 6 levels from its 2005 ranking.

Public Manipulation Or Why Reality Is Relative

Reality is a relative notion and can be transformed to serve many purposes. That can become a really disturbing fact when it’s used for political reasons – to glamorize a man of power, to create an image that will influence the opinion of the masses, to show him or her in a truly positive light and to improve his or her reputation.

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