Is China Malaysia’s New Best Friend Or Friend of Necessity?

China is pouring money into Malaysia but what matters are its motives. Further, the relationship seems based on one of necessity rather than friendship. Find out why it matters, what this means for you, and where the opportunities are moving forward!

Escalation Between Venezuela and Colombia

Both countries stand to gain from violent confrontation within F.A.R.C. controlled Colombian territory. The danger of the current escalation calls for direct Brazilian involvement to help resolve it.

The Rebranding of Nigeria Project

Nigeria within the past twenty years has witnessed an abysmal rating among comity of nations. The military leadership and the poor democratic institutions have rubbished Nigeria’s image abroad.

Corruption in Spain – Nice Work If You Can Get It

The flashlight beam stabbing the dark corridors of London’s House of Commons revealed not just sticky-fingered politicians; it caught the public imagination too. Perhaps it brought some light relief to beleaguered Spanish politicians who temporarily disappeared under the radar. Revelations about the disreputable activities of Spanish politicians expose them as the godfathers of the brown envelope. In the past 36-months 18 mayors; a dozen of them either the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) or Peoples Party (PP) have had their collars felt.

Colorful Scenery, Flora and Fauna of Japan – On New Coins

The popularity of the United States’ series of 50 State Quarters, issued from 1999 through 2008, probably inspired Japan to launched it’s most ambitious series of commemorative coins in 2008-commemorating the 47 Prefectures-and the series will run through 2016.

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