Isle of Man Economy Set to Improve by the End of 2009

As around 700 students collect their A-Level results on the Isle of Man, many will be considering their next step – either to apply for university on the mainland or to remain on the island and look for a job. Although the recession is not drawing many youngsters to the prospect of looking for work in the UK, recent developments within the unique Manx economy is causing some commentators to speak quite optimistically about the coming year.

2012 Official Countdown Review – 2012 Prophecy

Have you heard of the 2012 prophecy guidebook called 2012 Official Countdown? It is a very significant year that many culture groups and the Bible have predicted will mark a year of significant change to us. As a result, many have come up with their own hypothesis of what is going to happen, including some really ridiculous ones…

Ten Years On – The IMU Question

Ten years ago this month, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan burst onto the international scene with its armed incursions into Kyrgyzstan. Initial IMU aims – bringing down the Karimov regime and establishing an Islamic state in Central Asia – diversified with the group’s removal to Afghanistan and alliance with the Taliban; their subsequent near-extermination and regrouping in Pakistan following the Taliban’s collapse; and their reputed involvement in Central Asian narco-trafficking in the years since.

The Phenomenon of Islamist and Jihadist De-Radicalization

Imagine this news headlines: ‘Bin Laden’s New Fatwa Prohibits Attacks Against the West’ or ‘Bin Laden Denounces Terrorism.’ Too preposterous? May be. But the series of processes that we now call ‘de-radicalization’ does not suggest so.

Taliban – Modified Military Policies?

Taliban-Afghanistan, under the command of Mullah Omar, has issued a document laying down more than a code of conduct for its fighters: La’iha – da Afghanistan Islamii Imarat da Mujahidinu lparah or The Code of Conduct for the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. It included also theological and ideological legitimatization of most of the military commands outlined.

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