Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Breakdown + Reaction

Pirate Stand-Off at an End

This is as it should be and it should have happened sooner. As most experienced military members will willingly relate it is a significant gain when you can let the element of surprise work in your favor. By this I mean you simply don’t wait pointlessly when you have a rescue operation in the works.

Global Cooperation in With an Absence of a Hegemonic Power

How will the world look when there is no more single hegemonic power? Will this effect global cooperation and the formation of international regimes?

The Courage to Try

I suspect most of us are aware of the American cargo ship captain — Capt. Richard Phillips — who was held hostage by Somali pirates on a lifeboat in a five-day standoff. I’m writing this column only hours after hearing the good news of his rescue by US Navy SEALS, and no doubt there will be many more details published before this column is in print. But what I know now impels me to write.

The End of American Hegemony

In the early 1950’s the United States rose to power as the elite world hegemonic power. After World War II, major economic powers had to cut deep into their own pockets in order to pay for their war retributions and re-build devastated countries and economies. As the effects of World War II started to wear of the United States slowly lost the drastic gap in power they enjoyed.

The Subtle Differences – USA (Patriotic) Vs UK (Proud)

I wish I had started writing this series of articles called “The Subtle Differences” soon after I first landed on these shores almost three years ago, before I learned all that I know now and became accustomed to American life. One would think that the UK and the USA are very similar: after all, we speak the same language, we’re both influenced by the same cultural icons, references, films and shows and we’ve both been world leaders in recent history.

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