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Warning – Becoming a Trustee Can Seriously Damage Your Wealth

Powerful and public spirited as it is, unless you have what it takes, too many trustees bend like a willow at the first small storm, and not manage to maintain the perfect trust placed on them. This is a true story of a certain Aotearoin (New Zealand) Trustee, who literally stood like a solid totara tree in the path of a tremendous tsunami – and never bent…

Fukushima Is Not Chernobyl

In the wake of the horrific March 11 earthquake and subsequent nuclear power plant accidents in Japan, environmentalists have been chomping at the bit to use this opportunity to relegate nuclear power to the dustbin of history. The Japanese earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi power plant explosions were a double propaganda victory for greens, because it allowed them to not only bash nuclear power but also blame the earthquake on global warming.

Personal Responsibility: Lessons From Japan

Who knows how many lives will be lost to Japan’s recent disasters before the final tally is taken? One of the most devastating earthquakes in world history, followed by a cataclysmic tsunami, along with danger from damaged nuclear plants… all enough to create crisis in any nation. Remember the ruin of Haiti in the wake of last year’s quake? But every nation of the Earth, including the mighty United States, can take lessons from the character of the Japanese people in their struggle against the adversity they now face….

Jasmine Revolution In China – Fight The Power, Creatively

Many people throughout the world cheer as demonstrators in the Arab world fight for freedom in their countries. Well, it’s time for another country, not in North Africa or the Middle East but the far East, to get their share of freedom. And the Chinese have a most interesting way of demonstrating their desire for freedom.

The Emerging Arab Whiz-Kids

It used to be that if you mentioned the term ‘Arab world’ to any Westerner, the first thing that would pop into their heads was oil, deserts and so on. But looking at current events, the word ‘Arab’ is synonymous with revolution. But the good news is that I see a silver lining to this dark cloud: I think after the dust has settled, the word ‘Arab’ will become inextricably associated with young innovators or ‘whiz-kids’, creative and extremely savvy in how they use social media to positively re-shape the world.

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