Sohla Makes Medieval Gnocchi (with Carla Lalli Music!) | Ancient Recipes With Sohla

Olympic Pandas Set Up New Home in Guilin

2 Olympic Pandas, called Meixin and Fengyi, set up their new home in Guilin, China’s most beautiful city, on Dec. 28, 2009. Enjoying close contact with pandas becomes a must-do in Guilin.

Explaining Differences in Outcomes of Governance in Countries Rich in Mineral Resources

Some observers have challenged this negative policy outlook by pointing to mineral-rich countries that have performed relatively well. Commonly singled out are Botswana, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and mineral-rich OECD countries.

The Iranian Revolution and the Islamic Renaissance – Iran, the Pillar of the Middle East Power Play

In summary, this article presents the concept of Islamic Republic as a socialistic-democratic system of government which through its successful application in Iran has created an Islamic Renaissance inductive to Muslem societies to organize and apply the same to their own. It is an inevitably developing movement in many countries aiming to topple autocratic systems like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Iran is and going to be the main benefiviary of this movement in international relations and dealing with the West and the United States in particular.

Sweet Justice

There is nothing better than sweet justice. As African governments slowly democratize, I have always argued that the development of independent, efficient, effective judiciaries is the most important aspect of democratic progress.

Heart of Darkness

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been cursed with natural disasters, poverty, exploitation, conflict, and all sorts of suffering for endless decades. I cannot begin to skim the surface of the complex issues of the Congo here, but I was shocked to see an article on the BBC that said people are still “discovering” villages in Congo.

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