Scariest Pools You Should NEVER Swim In

The Kashmir Problem

Kashmir had a Hindu ruler in Moslem majority state who wanted to remain independent, but an invasion by Pakistan backed tribal’s with active support from the Pakistan Army put paid to his hopes and he had no choice but to accede to India. Thus Kashmir became a part of the Indian union. The then prime minister JL Nehru in his wisdom made two blunders.

Israel, Palestine and the Wall

When suicide bombings reached into Israel’s cities, they responded by designing a security wall in 2002. It was supposed to help solve the violence that has been troubling the region but ended up angering Palestinians.

Venezuela – Odds Increasing For Armed Conflict With Colombia

The news just came in that Venezuela’s strongman, Hugo Chavez, is preparing for war and has ordered his army to position itself across the length of the border the country shares with Colombia. The pretext for this troop deployment is Chavez’s claim that outgoing Colombian president Alvaro Uribe is capable of anything in his final days in office (his term ends August 7), including launching an attack against Venezuela. Earlier this month, Chavez severed diplomatic ties with Colombia when Uribe announced publicly that he had irrefutable evidence that FARC and ELN, the Colombian rebel groups, have bases deep inside Venezuelan territory, and are aided and abetted by Venezuelan authorities.

Conflict Diamonds – What Do They Mean?

Conflict diamonds are essentially diamonds that are sold or traded in exchange for arms which are then used in either human rights violations or some kind of terror or warfare. The reason why they are a major issue is because of the guilt associated with purchasing a diamond whose value went to the purchase of arms and subsequent violence against innocent civilians.

The Catholic Church in Singapore in Retrospect

Roman Catholicism. What is this Christian denomination all about? Established in Singapore in 1825 when a Catholic priest from the Philippines by the name of Father Anselmo Yegros come to say mass in the home of a Catholic living in the vicinity of Queen Street, many more events would take place to solidify this denomination as one of the most established faiths in Singapore.

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