Richard Branson’s Most Valuable Lessons About Success

North Korea in Four Party Talks With China, Japan, and South Korea Over Nuclear Weapons?

President Obama’s administration is very thankful for the positive media surrounding the North Korean nuclear weapons negotiation peace talks. And yet, I for one am quite skeptical, and pretty concerned because North Korea tried to ship nuclear weapon manufacturing equipment to Iran recently, luckily, that shipment was stopped in the UAE and inspected. The label said it was oil field equipment, yet, it turned out to be materials needed to build nuclear weapons.

FSA and SEC Agreement on Data Sharing

UK and US regulators have agreed to scope out common reporting requirements for key market players, including hedge funds. While the data sharing is expected to cover reporting requirements it falls short of dual-supervision.

The Story of a Nobel Laureate!

When the news flashed stating that he was one of the Nobel Prize winners for Chemistry in the year, 2009, the whole Tamil Nadu was elated, because he was a Tamilian by birth. His school teacher also felt so proud and he was nostalgic about him: “During his school days, he was just above average, but he was very sincere and studious and these two qualities must have helped him to achieve such a great feet”. He was none other than Dr. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, the Nobel Laureate, passionately called as Venki by his colleagues.

Pedophilia Endemic in the Middle East

On September 28, 2009 an article entitled “Critics want independent investigation into Afghan child abuse” appeared in the news. In a nutshell it describes the disturbingly frequent rape of children by the adult Afghan military, young boys in this case. A quote from the article paints the picture:

Can Romania and Russia Cooperate?

I won’t rule out the possibility of a nice cooperation between these two states, but the conflict and asymmetrical relations between them far outweigh it. Russia and Romania were allies at some point of time during Soviet era. After the dissolution of Soviet Union, Russia and Romania chosen different paths, Romania was very sure to join west, whereas Russia went through many phases and under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia gained that world’s respect once again.

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