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Rajasthan Tribes

Besides marvelous forts, palaces and havelis, Rajasthan also treasures the major tribal locations in India. About 12% of the total state population constitutes tribal inhabitants. Many groups have been dominating core part of the state since the time of Rajputs, while some had migrated from other different parts of the country.

Global Leadership

A key approach to understanding culture in international management has been to study work-related values as expressed through national culture (a national culture approach assumes that members of a nation share a common ancestry and identity, thereby establishing the basis for a shared culture). Initiated by Robert J. House in 1993, the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness Project (GLOBE) is a multi-phase study that examines the impact of culture on leadership and organizational practices.

How Important is Iran to the West and Why Iranians Support the Islamic Republic?

The article presents the unique importance of Iran, its geostrategic location, immense natural resources (60 years oil, 1200 years gas among others) its scientific, technological and industrial advancements, its military industry (eight in the world) including drones, tanks, fighter-bombers, submarines and electronic air defense systems, its military strength with 900,000 in active duty and 11 million in reserve, and dominance over the Persian Gulf.

Offshore Disaster and Inferno at Sea

One man’s wrong decision has caused 3.3 billion dollars of loss besides 24 people have lost their life. A few have sustained injuries and permanent scars.

Tsunami Victim Help

Due to a world full of fantastic people who have all been contributing to the help of the Samoan people that were affected by the Tsunami on September 29, package after package of cloths, cooking items and money have been received and delivered to the people in need. All efforts have been done to deliver everything as soon as possible after it came in.

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