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Why Do Americans Like Filipinos in the United States So Much?

Good friends are hard to come by these days, oh sure, you can get a gazillion Facebook Friends, but I am talking about real ones. A few of my best friends are Filipino, meaning their families have come from the Philippines. Not long ago, I was discussing this with a Filipino acquaintance, an Orthodontist who was working on a 6-month contract in Saudi Arabia to provide dental services for the royal family.

Effects of Online Competitions – On New Business

In general plenty of business holders make use of competitions as a style or reward for their existing patrons, but these can also be very effectual in bringing in new business, especially online competitions. You need to know about the two main benefits of running online competitions. Without doubt you will obtain a lot of people visiting your site, who are in search of these competitions.

3 Suggestions for Ending Starvation in Africa

There are 2 main general approaches towards solving the problem of starvation in Africa. One consists of an immediate response to crises which have reached such a peak as to attract the attention of the rest of the world, while the other involves endeavouring to find an entry point to the vicious circle of poverty in order to break it.

Lebanon’s Streets: A Playground for Children Beggars

Drive down any congested street in Beirut on any given day in any given weather and you will see children running around. Not the type of running around that all children should be doing in playgrounds, but rather the running around in between cars struggling and forced to make a living. Children so young they can barely reach the windows of some cars. Children with dirty hands and faces, dressed in mismatched and tattered clothing, and sometimes even barefoot. With trained eyes, they run from car to car weeding out the ones that are most likely to slide out a 1,000LL through the window crack. Cars with foreign license plates, pricey looking vehicles with tinted windows or women drivers, who perhaps are known to be a bit more compassionate, are among the common targets of these children.

3 Main Reasons for Poverty in Africa

The causes of poverty in Africa are deep-rooted, interconnected and paradoxical. Africa, the cradle of humanity, encompasses some of the most resource-rich areas of the planet. Why then is there be so much poverty? Africa’s poverty is a disgrace in a world of food surpluses and mass communication. However the reasons behind it are far from simple…

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