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Regional Centers Improve Success Rates For EB5 Investor Visa Applications

The Immigrant Investor Program has proved to be one of the most popular and positively received Visa programs ever been introduced by the United States. However, despite the popularity, there is still a degree of confusion surrounding the EB5 green card; especially the option to invest in a government certified Regional Center. This article speaks to the success of Regional Centers in facilitating this program.

A Resolution for the New Year That Could Help Solve Global Problems

The cultural key unlocks cooperation at a transnational level-a level where we can address the devastating challenges that threaten our world. This is a key that cannot be found in any one country, in any one culture, in any one people. Rather, it can only be found by assembling-gluing together-the most profound pieces of cultural wisdom from every country.

China Archaeologists Discover Ancient Soup Near Xian’s Famous Terracotta Warriors

China archaeologists discovered a 2400 year old “soup” near the ancient capital of Xian in Shaanxi, home to 8000 Terracotta Warriors, a UNESCO world heritage site. The vessel was unearthed while excavating a tomb to make way for an extension to the local airport. For a country and civilization as old as China, the process of building the future is also one of getting closer to the past.

Financial Freedom In Developing Nations, A Dream Or Reality?

It is no longer news that Jesus came to set you free. What is news today is that you will never truly be free until you have followed the standard of God for freedom. One of the areas one needs to be free is in the areas of finance. Financial freedom is not the result of miracles, but of principles. Your financial freedom begins the day you break out of the mindset of a consumer; and become a producer.

Godzilla to the Rescue: Earnings Are Upon Us, and They Will Be Stellar

Next in line for the markets are earnings, which I believe will be stellar, much better than expected. This, coupled with low interest rates for the foreseeable future and with the continuation of Ben Bernanke and his Federal Reserve’s Puppeteer troupes’ quantitative easing program, is good news for stocks….for now. We are in a Goldilocks environment.

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