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What the Death of Kim Jong Il Means for North Korea

We recently visited North Korea. Based on what we witnessed there we offer some insight on how the country will respond to the death of Kim Jong Il.

All Blue Eyed People Are Related

A new research shows the blue-eyes didn’t exist from the start. It was caused by mutation of OCA2 gene, which is responsible for producing a pigment that colors our hair and eyes. The research also states that only brown eyed people existed back then, So all blue eyed people belong to the same ancestors If you meet a blue-eyed person, he might be your distant cousin, Make sure to give him a hug. The mutation isn’t a dangerous or drastic one, It only effected the eye color, no sign of characteristic differences in aging, hair color…

Y2K Bug

Y2K was the first digital doomsday scenario. Not only did it stem from a computer glitch, but programmers, survivalists, and government agencies all had the benefit of digital communication tools to help spread the word, develop solutions, and market products designed to ensure survival once the catastrophe began. Although modern technology was the source of the Y2K glitch, the predictions of widespread panic and chaos hit a nerve, and triggered responses rooted in fears and stories much older than the current crisis.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson – A True Leader

Anyaele Sam Chiyson is a rich sage whose sagacity is enlivening novelty, enlightening people, lightening places and enriching lives positively. This champion of the century has the kind of fatherly wisdom that encourages everyone around him to reach for success and attain it.

Explain The Term Valencia

Valencia, the third largest Spanish city is located halfway down the coast of Eastern Spain. It is believed to be one of the eminent cities of the Mediterranean and is especially known for its appealing climate. This regional capital is famous for its historical cultural heritage, primarily including the Silk Exchange.

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