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What Are the Most Popular Newspapers in Malta?

One of the most popular newspapers in Malta is the Times of Malta. It is a daily newspaper and is written in the English language. The paper is also available via its website. Due to aggressive marketing, the Times of Malta website is one of the biggest online news sources in Malta. The company behind this famed newspaper is the Maltese Trust Company. The company has highly trained and experienced editors. The current chief editor responsible for steering the company to unprecedented success is Mr. Victor Aquilina.

What is Government Law and Social Structure About Aborigines?

Society of Aborigine consisted of elder people as well as young people. Responsibility of handling the society was in the hands of the elder people.

The End Has Only Begun

Some 60 odd years back when Jinnah took up the spear to head a separatist movement aimed at providing a homeland for the Muslims, he gave the insecure and gullible people a new emotion… to struggle. Long after independence, Pakistan has not given up the legacy although the means of channeling have withered away with rust and the goals have become ever vague. Struggle for human rights, struggle for stability, struggle for justice, struggle for democracy, struggle for the very survival of the generations whose fate hangs in a balance while those in power toss the blame ball in each others court.

How Would You React If a Journey Back to the Village Involved Taking Your Life in Your Hands?

As you walk away from meeting your friend, or drive away from a shopping trip, or cycle along a familiar road, imagine what it would be like if your journey involved taking your life in your hands. In one village in southern Sudan for the first time in years all the routes out of the village have finally been cleared of mines!

Mirror Embroidery Textiles From Jaipur and Jodhpur, India

The diversity of regions in India has led to a varied range of handicrafts which have become popular all over the world for their uniqueness. Mirror work with embroidery is a specialty craft from India.

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