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2012 Official Countdown Review

Do you believe in the 2012 Official Countdown and its prophecies about what might happen in 2012 December? You may be thinking that this date might not mean anything, but I am sure that you will have some doubts after reading the startling facts that James M. Sayer has revealed in his guidebook called 2012 Official Countdown…

Aussies and Allies in Australia As Asia Advances

The United States and Australia are allies, and that unity is one of the strongest around. And yet, it may someday within the decade or at least the next two become a huge issue, and a reality check is overdue. You see, Asia is advancing and some say encroaching on the Indian Ocean and islands surrounding Australia’s Northern latitudes.

Getting to Know Our Russian Comrades

Article talks about modern Russia and how it has changed over the past 20 years. Addresses common misconceptions about Russia and its people.

The Informal Economy and Entrepreneurial Development

According to World Bank estimates, between 25% and $40% of GDP in developing Asian and African countries comes from the informal sector. In Nigeria, Africa’s largest country, the figure might be close to 65% of GNP according to independent research.

Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit in Nigeria

A recent collection of essays on entrepreneurial innovation in developing economies, titled ‘Lessons from the Poor’, mentions an aspect of Nigerian clothing design. Examining the traditional adire dye industry, author Thompson Ayodele informs that the bottom 19% of entrepreneurs polled for the study earned more than state and federal civil servants.

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