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Two Thirds of the European Union Is Non Democratic and The Anti-Christ Will Control the EU

Warning: I don’t want to believe it and believing it has put me in a spiral of depression recently so be WARNED: some people will be able to say it’s not true and laugh it off, but if you start joining the dots and believe the book I’m about to mention then you may become depressed. Sometime ago I was working in Glasgow, Scotland and I used to joke that if Hitler was alive today he’d be a faceless bureaucrat holding a biro in the EU (European Union).

Who Really Won In The Afghan Conflict – The Poppy Growers?

When NATO and the US fully pull out of Afghanistan the flow of money into the local economies will surely dry up along with most of the service jobs. However, they do have one strong industry there – it’s a cash crop – growing poppies. This is unfortunate because that opium gets transported all over the world and ends up destroying other cultures and their populations. The US in effect is allowing this to happen even with the so-called “eradication program” and it is occurring right now in broad daylight in some regions of the country, even as we tell other nations that we don’t want them pounding indigenous leaf of Central and South America into white powder and shipping it here to the US, due to our war on drugs.

All Power to the Ancient Map Makers of Territorial Humans

They say that it is the victors and conquerors who write the history, and apparently they have the right too, they say. Still, does someone have the right to change the perceived reality to shape future history? Well, humans have been doing that a while also. In fact, one of the most interesting things going on today is when Google Earth designates the territory of a city, country, state, province, or even an island on their maps. There are many places in the world where there are disputed islands such as the Kuril Islands – claimed by both Russia and Japan.

Baltic Complexity

Most everything we say or do is largely influenced by culture. Ever since the birth of the Baltic republics, it has been common knowledge, politically correct and misguidedly romantic to classify Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as if like the Benelux countries, they had many cultural similarities, given their forced annexation to the Soviet Union. Such misrepresentation has been promoted by the Western mainstream media who often offer a myopic and distorted view of the internal dynamics of each of these cultures and societies.

Is Obama Administration Too Busy Campaigning to Do Anything About the Japan-China Crisis?

Some of President Obama’s political opposition insist that his administration’s current foreign policies are insufficient, unwise, and potentially dangerous for the future of humanity. Depending on your political persuasion you might agree or vehemently disagree, such is politics. For those who charge that the President is too busy playing golf, or playing hooky when it comes to intelligence briefings, I’d say such charges might not be very well founded. Nevertheless, the record does speak for itself. Consider, the most recent events around the world.

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