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Belt Drives Selection Criteria and Use Standards

The open belt drive has parallel shafts rotating in the same direction, whereas the cross-belt drive also bears parallel shafts but rotate in opposite direction. The former is far more common, and the latter not appropriate for timing and standard V-belts, because the pulleys contact both inner and outer belt surfaces.

The Social Costs of Arms Trafficking

In mid November, Viktor Bout, the infamous arms trafficker, was extradited from Thailand to the US. Despite this victory, the detrimental effect that arms trafficking has on human security is unlikely to decrease with his absence.

Lockerbie Bomber Released – Killed 270, 189 Americans – Wikileak: “Timid US Response” – For Shame!

What is the purpose of government? It exacts taxes from its citizenry and is expected to provide them protection! But does the US today protect its citizens: at the Arizona-Texas borders against Mexican drug-smuggler-killers; or protect its soldiers at Fort Hood against home-grown Islamic terrorist-officers in its own military; or protect the mourning family members of the Lockerbie victims against the added grief of seeing the killer escape punishment? Government protection was given to the killer, Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, by his government, Libya, Moammar Khaddafi demanding and getting his release from prison – then parading him as a a victorious hero in the streets of its capitol, Tripoli. In stark contrast was the behavior of the United States, in protecting the rights to justice of his 189 victims and their grieving families.

A Eulogy for Foreign Correspondents

I must have been 15 or 16 when I watched a documentary on television about foreign correspondents. And it struck me like lightning.

Arundhati Rai and Her Opinion on Kashmir

Recently Arundhati Rai, the woman who wrote ‘God of small things’ and won the Booker prize made a comment at a symposium that that Kashmir was never part of India. The veteran writer Kushwant Singh in his column commented that perhaps the lady was not aware, as to what she was referring as Kashmir has 3 distinct parts and it is only in one part that an insurrection sponsored by Pakistan is on. The other two parts of Kashmir namely Ladakh and Jammu are both non Moslem and do not want to secede from the Union of India….

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