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Education in Jamaica

Recently Education Minister Andrew Holness has made the news on many occasions whether it be grading primary school principals or expressing what he really thinks about the GSAT examination. Andrew Holness has not been forceful in his capacity and also has not led in the right areas as the Minister of Education.

Indonesia – An Overlooked Opportunity

We may consider China and India the leading players in south-east Asia, but lets not forget Indonesia. Indonesia offers various opportunities for profit both for exporters and importers. So lets take a closer look at Indonesia.

The Bubble Has Burst – When New Creation is the Only Viable Option

Consider the distinction between “curing” and “healing” to choose with clarity and intention which approach we will take to our significant national and global challenges. To cure an illness or dis-ease is to make things the way they were before, getting things back to the way we are used to them being – getting us back in our “comfort zone” as quickly as possible. To cure something is to give it care, approach it with great concern, to go to whatever lengths are necessary to “fix it”. This has been our approach to our current challenges and it reflects where we our in our mass consciousness. We easily lose sight of a bigger picture. Therefore, from a place of fear and limited awareness, the obvious approach is to “revive” life as we once knew it. We can forget the fact that “how it was” wasn’t working very well and that things have, in fact, been crumbling into dysfunction and held up by false facades and manipulations of truth for a long time. To heal is to create wholeness.

World Governments Find Middle Ground

Governments throughout the world are finding middle ground as the new world order systematically takes control. Communist and socialist countries are becoming more capitalistic, and republics are migrating to democracies, and eventually socialism. Transparency in government is becoming only rhetoric, and personal liberty is being stifled, and replaced with privileges and benefits.

Commonwealth Games 2010 and Indian Tourism Industry

Back with a new vigor is the Indian Tourism Industry and this time more so because of the deadly terrorist attacks on the country in the recent past. But times have now moved on and so has our hospitality industry.

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