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You Cannot Keep Your Nation From Political Impasse, Conflict, or War By Appeasing Tyranny

Appeasement is nothing more than rewarding bad behavior. If we reward bad behavior of rogue nation-states, dictators, and problematic regimes then they will continue their path serving their own political will against that of the free world. In World War II, or just prior to it rather, there was quite a bit of appeasement going on, which in hindsight led to disaster.

The Theory and Practice of India’s Non-Alignment Diplomacy in International Development

India is not ignorant; it would know the culprits on an Israel diplomat’s wife in Delhi in the recent bomb attack. India is not under pressure from international community to impose sanction against Iran as much as it is being questioned internally from within India itself, especially from those who sense the danger of the radical force gaining momentum with epicenter from India’s closest neighbor. India may not forget Iran’s opposition during its nuclear test in Pokhran in 1998.

2012 Challenges and Trends in International Diplomacy

One hardly has to do much more than read the international headlines to understand that there are some challenges on the international diplomacy front. Let’s talk a little bit about some of these challenges. Let’s start in our own backyard with Mexico.

The Case FOR Iranian Nukes

Assuming the Israeli attacks were effective, succeeded in pre-empting a cataclysm-and didn’t precipitate a worse cataclysm-the U.S. should then demand Israelies abandon their own nuclear program in the interests of leveling the Mideast playing field. Let the chips fall as they may but, at the least, that proposal, which has as little chance of adoption as Iranians and Israelis converting to Christianity, would be equitable.

Nigeria Was Created By The British Not God And Must Be Divided Now

Here we are going to consider the theory of a former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo who believes in the divine creation of the Nigerian state. Of course for a man like Obasanjo and the part he has played in the Nigeria affairs it is not difficult to see how it is easy for him to believe as he does. On the two occasions that he had opportunity to head Nigeria’s government, they were both fortuitous moments, all coming on the heels of the death or assassination of his predecessors.

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