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America’s Invasion of Iraq

The invasion of Iraq by United States and its allies was aimed at justifying possession of weapons of mass of destruction by the Iraqi state and to break its alleged ties with Al-Qaeda terrorist group. Saddam Hussein regime was marred by bad leadership which brought about immense suffering and pain to the Iraqi population and also the country provided base for terrorist groups to plan and conduct their training. However, as a motivator to US invasion of Iraq, these reasons are discredited by a plurality of political analysts since they are not sufficient.

The Rise of India and China and It’s Global Impact

The economic downturn has meant a lot of changes in the global order, for once its the G-20 consisting emerging economies like India, China and Brazil that is more important then the more elite G-7 club. The very fact that while US and European economies continue to struggle and grow the economies of China and India in particular are growing at an amazing pace of 8% – 9%, this has only expedited the process of shift in global power to these Asian giants from the traditional power center the USA and to some extent Europe.

Festivals of India

The varied, colorful, lively festivals of India are a mark of its rich cultural heritage. Some of the festivals owe their origin to the historical times when this ancient land of India was ruled by the great dynasties of kings and emperors. Every season in India is celebrated with some festivals, which have come to be associated with that particular season.

Waterless Toilets – What the Third World Needs Now

Freshwater contamination is a serious problem in third world countries, causing many illnesses and deaths each year. One solution to prevent such contamination is the implementation of waterless toilets.

Sethu Samudram Project Of India

There is a proposal for digging the narrow and shallow waterway between India and Ceylon, for enabling the navigation of ships which have to circumvent Ceylon at present. It may look attractive but should be studied impartially by scientists, to decide the technical feasibility.

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