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Anatolian Sheepdog Helping to Save Endangered Cheetah

Cheetah Outreach, an education and community-based programme founded by Annie Beckhelling in 1997 on a farm on the outskirts of Cape Town to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered Cheetah, now employs the Anatolian Sheepdog to help save the cheetah from extinction. The Anatolian Sheepdog is also known as the Kangal dog and is the preferred name in Turkey from where it originates. The Kangal dog is regarded as the national dog.

In Malaysia – About to Make It a Crime to Buy Pirated DVD Movies

The Malaysian consumer public has been shocked by the announcement by the Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry that they intend to penalize those who buy counterfeit DVDs and VCDs. The Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry has indicated that in order to combat the rampant sale of pirated DVDs and VCDs, they need to staunch the demand and that can be done by punishing those that buy the products. The Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry (known as Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna in Malay) exists to encourage ethical trade practices and to protect consumer interest.

The Development of China Casting Industry

Casting products occupy a large ratio in various auto parts. There are various kinds of casting products such as automotive engine block, cylinder head, gearbox housing, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, crankshaft, camshaft, piston, and wheel hub, etc. However, in comparison with developed industrial countries, China s automotive castings products still accounted for little as to the total output.

What’s New With UFOs

This article focuses on UFOs. Taking a look at the latest news and viewpoints in the world of UFOlogy.

Bullfighting Ban in North East of Spain

In July 2010 the parliament of Catalonia voted to ban the deep-rooted tradition of bullfighting, the first region in mainland Spain to do so (it was banned by the Canary Islands in 1991), and the ban will take effect in January 2012. But there is more to Catalonia than bullfighting.

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