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Breeding Ground of Terrorism – The NWFP of Pakistan

North West Frontier Province, the northern most province of Pakistan covers an area of 39,283 square miles (1,01,743 Sq.Kms.,) and is bounded by Afghanistan to the West and North, Jammu and Kashmir to the north east, Punjab province to the south-east and Baluchistan province to the south west. In the 1981 census the populations of the province (including those living in tribal areas) was about 13,000,000. Peshawar is the provincial capital.

Nigerian Infrastructure Development and the Enterprise Revolution – An African Perspective

Nigeria’s deplorable infrastructure situation came into the fore recently at an unlikely event. A day before the national football team was to clash with Tunisia for a 2010 FIFA World Cup spot on September 6, the visiting team was left in darkness for a full quarter of an hour during practice sessions at the Abuja National Stadium. While power outages are an everyday happening across the country, this high-profile blackout under international arc lights proved particularly embarrassing for local officials. That the visitors went on to draw Nigeria 2-2 the next day and deny it a much-needed victory couldn’t have been much comforting either.

Industrialisation and Nigeria’s 2020 Goals

In early August of this year, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) announced plans to conduct an investor’s survey that would eventually help the development of a Nigerian industrial master plan. The programme, which will also evaluate the impact of policy interventions on investors, is primarily aimed at bolstering government efforts to promote rapid SME development. UNIDIO officials in Nigeria claimed the survey would be of significant assistance to the private sector as well, helping expand operations and set performance benchmarks.

The Burden Called the Commonwealth Games – Transport Infrastructure – Part 1

Commonwealth games are arriving at Delhi, but is it in the interest of the city to cater to such a huge expat population which will suddenly arrive? Is it in the interest of the expats to come and get lynched in this town full of hooligans?

The Burden Called Commonwealth Games – Intracity Travel – Part 2

Can the intracity travel in Delhi be called world class? Is there enough amenities for the average international traveler in Delhi? What is the future for the latest developments in travel in Delhi?

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