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Brazil – The Reawakening of a Giant

Brazil has always been dubbed the country of tomorrow. With its vast natural resources, the world’s biggest rain forest and being the world 10th largest country, Brazil is trying to re-insert itself in the political arena. Mismanaged and plagued by corrupt politicians in the past, and with a huge gap between the rich and poor, Brazil was asleep for a long time.

A Spotlight on American Good Will in the 2009 Obama Era

The world hailed America’s election of the first non-white leader of a western industrialized country. A global perspective of America demonstrates the wisdom of the choice.

North Koreas Hotel of Doom

To many people buildings are a source of pride, particularly when a nation is trying to show it’s status in the World. The higher, the bigger and the most hi-tech the building becomes, the more it seems a symbol of rising national confidence. But one building, the “Hotel of Doom” may symbolize the delayed dreams of a hermit Republic- North Korea.

Global Slowdown – Aftermath and Anarchy

Global slowdown can result in Trade Wars between nations. That is something the world leaders have to guard against with all their might. Global slowdown triggering trade wars between nations is a perfect recipe for global depression. Hope we, as citizens of this planet, can avoid getting sucked into this vicious cycle.

China’s Global Scavenger Hunt For Oil Could Send Global Recession Double Dipping Indeed

The Chinese are searching around the globe for oil and resources so they can continue to grow their civilization. They realize if they cannot get oil supplies, they cannot grow. They also realize that without growth their financial markets will tumble.

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